Street Food and Covid-19

We all love street food, don’t we? In this times of lockdown, when your favourite vendors whom you used to go to have that eye watering spicy pani puri or lip smacking Chinese food with your gang are no more there on the street. Business shut and in search for alternate livelihood they are out there!

This is the very first time I, Aditya Dave am writing a blog, so be ready for infinite grammar mistakes. Me being a foodie, from trying out each and every street food stalls wherever I go to selling street food by on a cart just to experience what they undergo and what mind-set they are in. This blog is not an answer or a suggestion to solve the problem street food vendors are facing due to COVID-19. It is just a question to understand and make you introspect that such people may it be street food vendors, maids, hawkers are so important aspect of our life knowingly or unknowingly, it is question that how adapting to changes is comparatively super easy for a human, it is question why are our social systems built the way they are.

Anand Prakas, owner of street food cart of my favourite sev puri in entire wide world. I was having talk with him, understanding consequences of COVID-19 in their community and on his family. We as students always talk that one should follow the passions, one should follow dream, and one should have an alternate source of income. It is so easy to talk, but how hard it is to actually implement, how hard it is to make a street food vendor understand that they can’t make money just selling street food always. On the contrary, have also talked to few vendors who understood that business is not going to work for a couple of months so how do we survive? Saw amazing solutions like vendors selling Pani-Puri as a home delivery service with special police permission and all hygiene requirements, their family coming together and making cloth masks and selling it, started selling vegetables. Here, the main understanding is, it is not important at what stage are you in but in this VUCA world a world full of Volatility, Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity , a very important part is that “Are you resilient enough to survive” ? And taking it ahead “Are you disciplined enough to make it or not?”

This was my first try at writing a blog, leaving you with few questions on the same! 1. How easy/hard it is for you to adapt to change?

2. Why understanding a social system is super important/not important for a person to take an action?

3. Are you disciplined enough to make it or not? There is no right or wrong answer in here, it is just about understanding the thought process and getting to know why a person does what they do at a point of time! Thank you! Would love to hear constructive criticism for the blog!

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