Fundraiser campaign, Laari ki yaari

Let's help those who have fed us throught the year

We at Laari have started a fundraiser to support 500 street vendors and their families in 5 days by supporting them with 1000 INR (15 USD) each.

We aim to start with COVID-19 community support fund raising campaign. As an emergency response we want to help provide safety net to all the street hawkers and their families for the next few days.
We often spend around 1000 rupees or more every week, on street food. But due to the global crises we are facing, the street vendors are not earning. They are dependent on YOU and ME for help.
The funds collected would be used by the street vendors for their survival for the next few days of the pandemic.

This fund would also enable them to obtain a virtual training on safety and hygiene while selling street food with certification as well.
We need your help! Let us all be united and get past this together!